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Natural Earth Paint – Children’s Earth Paint Kit (makes up to 2.5 litres)


Award winning organic, vegan, eco-friendly paint kit made from natural earth pigments (pure clay). Made in the USA. Ages 3+

Natural Earth Paint

Earth Paint for Children is an organic, vegan, eco-friendly paint kit made from natural earth pigments (pure clay). The naturally coloured clay is collected from the ground, dried, crushed, and sifted into pure pigment. Mix water with the coloured powders to create a creamy, tempura-like paint or add more water to create watercolours. Or add more water to create watercolours! The rich, vibrant colors can also be used by adults for crafting, scrapbooking, and more. It is suitable for all ages.

Reviewed in over 40 eco-blogs, this kit is made in small batches by hand by a family business in the state of Oregon, USA. The paints have been tested by US-government approved toxicologists and are 100% non-toxic.

The ingredients are organic corn starch, gum arabic & earth pigments – that’s all. This is the newer, vegan version of the Earth Paint kit. Unlike the older, milk-based version these paints do not need to be refrigerated once made, and will last much longer (but it is still a good idea to only make the amount that’s needed each time).

The Children’s Earth Paint Kit includes:
-Six packets (about 80g each) of powdered paint – brown, green, blue, red, yellow and orange. Based on Craft4Kids testing, mixed 1 to 1 (powder with water) each packet will make about 200ml of paint. You could make it last longer and get around 400ml if you don’t mind a more watery consistency So that’s between 1.2 and 2.5 litres of paint in total. So at this price it works out at between about $5 and $9 per 250ml, which is not all that much more than you will pay for the usual size bottle of very unnatural, synthetic and chemical-based “non-toxic children’s paint” you will find in most shops in Australia.

-A set of six biodegradable mixing cups with lids.

-An Earth Art booklet with instructions and nature-based activity ideas.

-Packaging made with 100% post-consumer recycled and biodegradable materials.

Do the Children’s Earth Paints wash off of skin, furniture, clothes, etc?
The Earth Paint washes off of skin very easily. It’s also easy to clean hardwood floors, even once dry. The paints wash out of coloured clothing and furniture very well, but they will probably leave a slight stain on white clothes unless you get them in the wash quickly. The red colour contains iron oxides that leave light pink stains on white clothing.

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